Anyone can do it
As long as you have a smartphone. Whether you’re a student, employee, retired or anything in between. You can help make a difference.
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Benefits for Commuters

Earn extra income at your leisure
Earn extra money when it suits you. You simply help out on your way to where ever you’re already headed. When, how, and how many you deliver is up to you.
Help us make a difference
Every parcel that is shipped through Hand Carry utilises energy that would otherwise be wasted, as well as saving the energy required to pick up and deliver it traditionally.
Getting paid to be active
You can earn extra income for making small detours to your existing schedule. You choose how far you’re willing to go.
All you need is your smartphone
Hand Carry is available on both Android and IOS from the Google Play store and the iTunes store respectively.
"I love doing Hand Carry because I pick up a couple of parcels each day and there’s my lunch and coffee paid for. I only do it when it suits me. I can still work my usual day job that I adore."

Save the environment and make money

Parcel size0-4040-6060-8080-100
Weight limit3kg4kg4kg5kg
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