How does Hand Carry work?
Hand Carry requires no integration to existing work flows. It only requires the decision to deliver better. Simply download the app, register for free and start earning or saving money.
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Places Order
Your customer places an order online like they normally would. Nothing changes. You package up the order and prepare it for delivery.
Posts Job
Instead of taking the parcel to the post office, you simply open up the Hand Carry app and submit the job.
Hand Carry matches your job with a suitable commuter. We match based on movements and the location of the commuters. A suitable commuter then accepts the job and comes to you.
Pick up
After the commuter arrives, they will pick up the correct parcel from you and proceed to deliver the order to the address specified.
After arriving at the delivery address, the commuter delivers the parcel. They can then continue to their original intended destination.
Consumer benefits
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Business benefits
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