Learn about how Hand Carry the idea was born. Here you will find out and learn about the people who make it possible.

Our vision

My ultimate goal would be for Hand Carry to be the fastest and most reliable shipping service available while still being the most competitive on price. I’d love to expand our services beyond intra-city to inter-city and eventually cover as much of Japan as possible. After we achieve that, expansion into suitable cities around the world would be our next goal. But Hand Carry is first and foremost a Japanese company providing services to Japan. I truly believe our entry into the market will actually be beneficial to all, including current logistic providers. If we can take the smaller, less profitable parcels, the current logistic providers they can refocus and increase their overall efficiency. Giving back to the community is my greatest pleasure. If we can give back as much as possible to the community, I have truly achieved something.

Our story

Having always wanted to live in Japan, I looked for some problems to solve to give me a reason to relocate. I had to look within the industries I could apply our skill sets to for a greater chance of success. Since I was young I was always buying a lot of things online. Being a buyer and seller on eBay since 2004 I often wished for an easier and cheaper shipping option. Noticing Japan’s ecommerce boom & logistics labour shortage I revisited my earlier dream of creating a more efficient shipping alternative. With the rise of the gig economy it was obvious to me that decentralising logistics by leveraging Japan’s millions of commuters was a logical solution. In line with Japan’s proactive environmental approach and their legislation to push online retailers to comply with eco standards it just made sense.

Our team

Calvin Leung
CEO & Founder
David Green
Natsumi Yamashita
Executive Assistant
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